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Posted on May 9, 2023
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Coordinate and participate in the examination and evaluation of patient needs and the design and fabrication of orthotic devices; serve as a member of the clinic team. Specializes in shoe and brace fitting for patients with orthopedic deformities, joint instabilities, weakness and pain.


  1. Patient Satisfaction/Responding to Patients:
  2. Respond to telephone inquiries relating to Orthotics services.
  3. Return patient calls promptly.
  4. Provide clean and comfortable environment for patients.
  5. Strive to build caring, trusting relationships with patients to decrease patient anxiety.
  6. Perform all duties in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Personal Accountability
  2. Appropriately schedules time off/Limit unscheduled absences.
  3. Arrives to work on-time as scheduled.
  4. Keep abreast of new developments, techniques and procedures; attend and participate in seminars and special courses.

  1. Schedule any necessary appointments for patients
  2. Schedule appointments for patients via telephone; schedule appointments for patients leaving the office.
  3. Coordinate patient care
  4. Design and fabricate orthotic devices; review charts; assist physician with writing prescription; write case histories and maintain accurate records on all patients.
  5. Design and fabricate external braces (orthotics) as part of a patient's treatment process; Bend, form, and shape fabric or material so that it conforms to prescribed contours needed to fabricate structural components.
  6. Select materials and components and make cast measurements, model modifications and layouts using measuring equipment
  7. Evaluate devices on patients and make adjustments to ensure fit, function, comfort, and quality
  8. Read prescriptions or specifications to determine the type of product or device to be fabricated and the materials and tools that will be required.
  9. Fit appliances onto patients and make any necessary adjustments.
  10. Instruct patients in use of orthopedic devices
  11. Assist patients with administrative issues related to orthotics.
  12. Determine cost of service and discuss cost with the patient, parents or representative of agency responsible for payment.
  13. Collect Orthotics charges

  1. Maintain Orthotics lab, equipment and supplies as applicable:
  2. Clean Orthotics lab per clinic policy.
  3. Empty trash and secure Orthotics lab nightly.
  4. Assist Clinical staff in maintaining inventory and stocking of products as needed.
  5. Notify appropriate staff if any equipment is in need of repair immediately.
  6. Examine Orthotics/DME supplies for expiration date prior to use in patient care.
  7. Repair and maintain orthotic devices by using hand tools

  1. Safety: Ensure Patient & Staff Safety:
  2. Follow OSHA guidelines
  3. Follow universal precautions when caring for patients; Use PPE as directed
  4. Follow all PSC policies when caring for patients
  5. Provide wheelchairs and assist patients with ambulation as needed.

  1. Computers: Electronic Medical Records & Practice Management Tasks:
  2. Accurate Documentation of: All encounters including patient education.
  3. Input charges, notes etc. into Touch works as needed.
  4. Monitor & complete Orthotics secretarial tasks

  1. Ensure completion of tasks and reports
  2. Complete all task lists
  3. Complete requisitions, place orders with purchasing.
  4. All office charges submitted with correct date of service
  5. Complete daily Orthotics log.
  6. Complete other weekly, monthly reports as directed by the department manager.

  1. Complete all insurance related requirements
  2. Pre-certification and/ or prior approval
  3. Benefits forms
  4. Disability and claims forms

  1. Work Collaboratively to Promote Increase in Orthotics Patient Volume
  2. Assist MD's, department manager and marketing director with Orthotics promotions as needed.
  3. Look for ways to expand Orthotics services and patients. Discuss with department manager on a quarterly basis or as needed.

  1. Assist in marketing services
  2. Coordinating seminars
  3. Respond to inquires
  4. Send out any necessary education to patients
  5. Proactively Assist in Fiscal Management of Orthotics Resources:
  6. Avoid the need to over-night items or pay increased shipping fees for "rush orders."
  7. Schedule efficiently; maintaining a full schedule
  8. Prepare cost analysis reports and assist in preparing departmental budget.

  1. Other Duties:
  2. Periodically check e-fax throughout the day for received and failed faxes for both yourself and your section.
  3. Set up voicemail message for afterhours calls
  4. Provide departmental coverage and assistance as directed by the department manager.
  5. Assist patients with administrative issues related to orthotics
  6. Complete daily Orthotics log and other weekly, monthly reports as directed by the department manager.
  7. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent
  2. Graduation from a certified Orthotics course
  3. Works well with hands and machinery
  4. Able to communicative compassionately with patients

  1. Excellent telephone skills and etiquette
  2. Maintains confidentiality
  3. Able to use and apply medical terminology appropriately in verbal and written communication; especially during patient teaching regarding procedures
  4. Exemplary customer service skills and willingness to assign high priority to patient comfort and satisfaction
  5. Able to work independently
  6. Takes initiative
  7. Ability to stand/walk for up to eight hours/day
  8. Ability to bend, stoop, twist, and assist patients in rising from and returning to a wheelchair or exam table
  9. Ability to relate sensitively to patients needs in stressful situations
  10. Well-organized
  11. Ability to communicate effectively
  12. Ability to work compatibly with physicians, other department members, and clinic employees in other departments